Will you look at the size of that!
Published on: 07. March 2012

large format photography

Our friends at The Roark Group are at it again..this time even bigger! They commissioned us to photograph the original Walton 5 & 10 in Bentonville, AR to be printed on a 48×34 foot backdrop for a display. As seen, real brick sidewalks, tables, and Mr. Walton’s truck were added for dimension and scale. Pretty cool if you ask us. Thanks for providing us with a shot of the final set!

Don’t be blue…
Published on: 24. January 2012

Just wanted to give a special ‘Thank You’ to the crew at susanjablon.com for coming through for us in a pinch. We recently had a photo shoot for a client who was requesting a specific blue tile for a print ad on a tight deadline. We searched over a dozen stores locally to no avail, so naturally a little online shopping was due. We found their site and the tile, gave them a shout, and they had it packed and out the door immediately. What’s the big deal you ask? Our call was placed on a Friday just 30 minutes before the shipping cut-off for next day air delivery. Meaning they had to process our order, accept payment, pull and package the product, and label for shipping……in less than 30 minutes. We love businesses...

It’s a Stick Up!!!
Published on: 13. January 2012

Just received a bunch of stickers from Stickers That Stick . Great company: fast, affordable, and fantaSTICK products. From digital to screen print, die cuts to transfers, they gotcha covered.

We have a TON – come and get ‘em!

Black Label Commercial Photography Stickers

Black Label’s Believe it or Not!
Published on: 12. January 2012

Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday season! Welcome to 2012, it’s gonna be a winner.

And speaking of winners, check out the Sam’s Club deli below. The wall in the back with the counter isn’t really a deli, but rather a large scale banner printed by the good people at The Roark Group. Sam’s Club wanted to illustrate where a new deli would be while it was under construction versus having a boarded off construction zone. We were hired to photograph the interior of an existing deli, which was then printed and hung as an attractive way to communicate what was ‘coming soon’. Great job guys!