Good Bye ol’ friend…
Published on: 02. September 2011


The problem with collecting pinball machines is that you never have enough room. Add a new game or two and suddenly you realize just how little room you have left. We looked around and decided it was time to thin the herd a bit, so sadly we’re sending off our beloved Firepower to a new loving home. Pictured in our lobby right before we loaded it up, this Firepower has been around here for a few years. Our staff and clients a like have racked up many, many, many hours behind this one. A true classic 80′s pin, and a staple in any serious collection. We’re gonna...

Surfing with some Soul
Published on: 24. August 2011


We recently photographed a bunch of Cott Beverage products which feature their new packaging design. Above are a few samples. The new design highlights the fruit elements of each flavor, which adds a nice pop of color.

The can in this print piece, which ran in conjunction with the release of SonyPicutures Soul Surfer Blu-Ray, is one of our product photos from the assignment. The can was photographed...

Welcome to our remodel!
Published on: 21. April 2010

Welcome you to our newly redesigned website. Come on in, kick off your shoes and make yourself at home. Like your favorite cheap roadside inn, we hope you’ll find your visit both enjoyable and interesting at the same time!

Our purpose in the redesign was naturally to show off our many talents in a user-friendly manner, but also to give those who haven’t experienced the Black Label difference a glimpse into our world (scary, right?). Complete with free HBO and a microwave, we hope enjoy your stay!