Small Business Saturday (…and beyond!)
Published on: 26. November 2011

As a small business, we try to be conscious of where our money goes, not only as a business but as individuals, on a daily business. That said, we’re excited about the Small Business Saturday movement. Celebrated the Saturday after Black Friday, shoppers are encouraged to visit small, local, brick and mortar businesses. It is our hope that shoppers continue to patronize small businesses EVERY day of the year!

Here are some of our fav’s in the Northwest Arkansas region (yes, we love coffee):

Iron Horse Coffee
Kennedy Coffee
Arsaga’s Cafe

Published on: 15. November 2011

Product Photography

We shoot a ton of product photography at Black Label, and while we think it’s all grand, every once and a while something REALLY cool comes through the door. Last week we were hired to shoot some packaging photography for a product called ReSleeve from ReBinder out of Seattle, WA. ReSleeve is a 100% recycled cardboard CD/DVD sleeve, which is a nice alternative to flimsy paper or cracked plastic. As always, we research the product and company before shooting, just to wrap our minds around their brand etc. and quickly found out just how cool ReBinder is. They offer a full array of 100% recycled...

BLCP hearts Hasselblad
Published on: 11. October 2011

At Black Label Commercial Photography, we use Hasselblad digital cameras for our higher end print work. They are easy to use, comfortable to hold, and of course provide stunning files. And now (unfortunately) we can attest that their service department is just as superb as their gear. Recently we had a digital back get a little crazy on us, so we sent it on a flight across the Atlantic for repair. The fine folks at Hasselblad have been quick to return calls, have kept us notified every step of the way, and answered any questions we’ve had. In a time where customer service takes a back seat more times than not, we are more than pleased to give credit where credit is due!

Looking back…
Published on: 09. September 2011

Around this time last year we were producing packaging photography of costumes for Halloween 2011. Hundreds of them. Which meant tons of kids, snacks, drinks, and a whole lot of semi organized chaos FUN! To all who were involved, from stylists and talent to the parents and our client…payday is here as the final products hit the shelves. We hope you enjoy!